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Company overview

During these last 3 years, it has been noticed that companies have difficulties to follow development and technological progress.   IT solutions for the management of structures, customer management solution, new marketing trends and e-marketing. As a result of these problems, we decided to take action to raise these constraints and satisfy the important demand by offering a service adapted to companies with personalized solutions and general solutions.

Company History

Our Expert Team

Ultimate Market Technology is growing faster and faster, all this is due to its dynamic and patinated team

Mebarek MESSAIFounder & CEO

General Manager, responsible of management, marketing and communication. graduated from the University of Algiers in commercial sciences in October 2007, he has ten (10) years experience in business management and more than seven (07) years in marketing and web marketing.

Youcef Amine MAHDIChief Technology Officer

Technical Manager, responsible of developement sector, consulting and communication. Computer Science engineer, web developer & IT Consultant, graduated from the National School of Computer Science (ESI), he has an excellent experience of three (03) years in IT Consulting and more than five (05) years in Web development.

Rahim HADDOUCHArtistic Director

Artistic Director, responsible of realisation of infographic sector of the company. Artist, designer and trainer of graphic tools, he has an experience of more than 6 years in the field of audio visual production, Certificated "Best photo/video maker" By U.S.Embassy in Algiers, he also participates in several international exchange programs, he also makes several short films and music videos.

Our Partners

During its parkour, UMT has been able to create very good relationships and make many partners due to its professional work.